Difficult airway algorithm

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) released their much anticipated difficult airway guidelines.  The new guidelines emphasize following-  Oxygenation prior to and throughout attempts at airway management. Use of end tidal CO2 after each attempt at airway management, regardless of the airway device or technique used. The role of clinical measures (eg, chest rise and fall, … Read more

Covid 19 : Current Knowledge and gaps

Since the beginning of the pandemic with covid-19, We have learned a lot  regarding prevention and treatment. However,  the knowledge Gap exists. Recent JAMA  editorial summarized this for severe covid-19.   PREVENTION Social distancing, frequent hand washing and mask wearing by the general public reduces the transmission  of covid 19. Contact tracing and isolation are … Read more

COVID 19 for critical care

Updated 7/22/2020 Since the discovery of Covid 19(Coronavirus SARS COV 2) in December 2019, flow of information and circumstances are changing everyday. It is hard to keep up with so much information and sort out real from myths. In general, following points are important to remember which are referenced from reputable sources Tolicizumab is the … Read more