Enteral nutrition is better in Severe Pancreatitis : Another study

H Yao, C He, L Deng, G Liao et el  published in the European Journal of nutrition a meta analysis of small trials, comparing enteral versus parenteral nutrition in cases of severe pancreatitis.

They analyzed the evidence from 348 patients from 5 small randomized trials.

Meta-analysis showed significantly lower overall mortality risk with EN than with PN (risk ratio, 0.36; P=0.001).

This meta-analysis is consistent with earlier  meta analysis for critically ill patients published  by Gunnar ElkeArthur R. H. van Zanten et elThey showed that the use of EN as compared to PN has no effect on overall mortality but decreases infectious complications and ICU LOS.

In terms of severe acute pancreatitis, A Cochrane meta-analysis of eight randomized controlled studies found that EN reduced mortality, systemic infections, and multiorgan failure among patients with AP as compared to PN.

Furthermore, nasogastric feeding was safe and well tolerated compared with nasojejunal feeding.

But inspite growing evidence against parenteral nutrition, it is consistently being used across the board.


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