New Nomogram to predict Surgical ICU readmission

Martin et el  from the University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City developed a new nomogram to predict Surgical ICU readmission.

What they did

Studied 3,109 SICU admissions, with 141 patients readmissions within 72 hours of discharge from ICU.

Came up with following risk factors

  • patient age
  • respiratory rate (breaths per minute)
  • history of atrial fibrillation
  • history of renal insufficiency
  • blood of urea nitrogen
  • blood glucose level
  • level of serum chloride

Then, created a Nomogram(Details of points not available at present), and tested prospectively on 577 additional SICU patients.


40 points to 79 points =1 to 5 percent chance, or low risk

80 to 114 points = 6 to 20 percent chance—medium risk

115 to 150 points =21 to 50 percent chance—or high risk


Interesting…. Will need to see the full nomogram once available. Hopefully, we can test the hypothesis in medical ICU as well.


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